About Us

Meet the Team

Although new to the Waterloo area we have been in the business since 2012 and pride ourselves as leaders in our local real estate market and the property management community. Our commitment is to our clients to be involved with the community and stay current on the latest property management industry trends.

Jim Snider » Property Manager, Owner, CEO

Jim is a native of the state of Arizona and was a licensed realtor for ten years before he decided to take a leap of faith and begin developing land for home builders. Jim developed 20 acres of land and oversaw the building of ten homes. He moved to Iowa in 2008 and spent several years in the Spirit Lake area, before moving to Eastern Iowa. He truly enjoys all facets of real estate from developing land to new construction, and one of his specialties is investment properties.

He is part of the Next Level Property Management LLC ownership team in the Waterloo/Cedar Rapids area. They are one of the fastest growing property management companies in Eastern Iowa and have a great handle on both sides of the market which includes rental and investment opportunities. The market in the Cedar Valley allows them to establish a close connection with investment property owners and tenants to help make it a cohesive environment. They are a complete management company from top to bottom that allows them to serve the owner in every aspect of their commercial property. Jim loves to help an owner grow his portfolio of investment properties.

He prides’ himself on maintaining customer relationships and has an elevated level of enthusiasm and drive to accomplish his clients’ goals. Jim has a true sense of dedication for follow-up and the determination to get the best outcome for his clients, THIS is what sets him apart from the next property manager and realtor. He is also the proud father of a son and daughter and enjoys spending time with his grand-daughter outdoors ranging from camping, fishing and hiking.

Trevor Fouts » Owner, Investor Relations, Business Development

Trevor is an entrepreneur, investor, and one of the hardest working individuals of his generation, with results to show. Trevor joined the military right out of high school where being platoon leader taught him necessary leadership skills for business later on. After getting an honorable release from the military due to a stress fracture in the hip, he started a construction business. Running a successful construction business for 4 years; building some of the top of the line homes in the Cedar Valley. Construction taught him the necessary skills to rehab and maintain properties. While in construction, Trevor got into real estate where he started buying rental properties. After completing his first rental property and flip, he was hooked. Over the years Trevor has spent hundreds of hours listening to audiobooks and spending his time at conferences where he gained the knowledge and skill sets of real estate. Trevor is now a licensed real estate professional buying and selling houses, which increases the bottom line to investors, giving them leading insights on deals and markets. In his free time he loves to meet with his mentors,network with investors and professionals and provide financial and business coaching to individuals. Business coaching and strategically solving problems has allowed him to work with city’s on economic development while providing affordable housing to communities. As you can see, Trevor is a passionate hard working real estate professional with the team,skills and knowledge to drive the highest returns to his partners and communities.

Andy Kurtz » Owner, Investor Relations, Business Development

Andy is a construction business owner, investor and entrepreneur. After working for another construction company for 3 years, he started his own business at age 21. Building his own business from scratch taught him the value of hard work, honesty, integrity and being willing to fail to get to where you want to be in life. Andy got into real estate when he bought his first property to fix and flip and he was hooked from there. He started buying rental properties from there and used his experience from construction to rehab and remodel properties.

With his experience in construction he is able to help investors rehab properties below market value and having a construction team behind him quickly and efficiently have properties ready to rent; which increases profits for everyone. In his free time Andy spends his time attending conferences, networking and expanding his knowledge in real estate. As you can see, Andy is a hard working professional with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in real estate.